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Our company personnel have 15 years experience in rubber dam
We have manufactured and installed hundreds of rubber dams including 5 meter height ,below 5 meters height various specifications and forms of rubber dams across China and in bangladesh indonesia,nigeria etc.countries.
Rubber dam

Rubber dam

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Oil boom

Oil boom

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Engineering Case

Prague Water-filling rubber dam

Prague Wat

Czechoslovakia Prague Water-filling rubber dam ,length 35M, height 2M。

Pillow water-filling rubber dam

Pillow wat

Shandong Province Linqu pillow water-filling rubber dam ,Length 90M, height 3M.

Pillow water-filling rubber dam

Pillow wat

Xinjiang province Qitai pillow water-filling rubber dam ,length 40M, height 2M。

Deflector rubber dam


Zhejiang Province Hengdian deflector rubber dam ,length 105M, Height 2.5M.

Inflatable rubber dam


Chile inflatable rubber dam ,Located in Santiago , length 35M, Height 2.5M,Totally 6 bays.

Float type oil boom

Float type

Project address: Indonesia , Float typr oil boom 。length is 330M



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